Monday, October 29, 2007

Today's Plan:

I am hoping to accomplish a few things today, so here is my list. We had a few changes over the weekend on a few things, so the phone calls for that are in here.

1. Do school
2. Call the dentist for Anna. At her last appointment, I was told that she wouldn't get her big teeth in until she was at least 7. Guess what?! They were wrong. She has one on the bottom already, but it came in behind her other teeth. We need the baby teeth removed now.
3. Call the name of the good attorney that was given to me to help my mom fight her disability stuff. she can't handle the head stress it is causing her and she finally said we can call, so I am doing that today.
4. Get all laundry done. (I hope to accomplish this, as my husband needs his uniforms for work. They have new ones and he has to turn in the old ones tomorrow. It could be a long night after work.)
5. Take Anna to gymnastics.
6. Work. Oh yeah, that will take about 4-5 hours out of the day.

That is all the stuff that HAS to be done today. I really hope to get it all done. Like I said with the could be a long night. I also can't wait to hear what the dentist has to say. I want to get Anna a new dentist, but the old one needs to see that he was WRONG first. Anyhow, I better go. Take care all.

Edited 11/1/07:

Got most of it finished, if I can just get the attorney to call me back, we will be in good shape.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Thank you!

I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who made my birthday special. Just so you all know, my husband was off for the day and he surprised me with a special lunch and cake. He actually had pretended he was not off and left for work at normal time, but he showed up around 10:00am to cook me a nice lunch and wish me a Happy Birthday. It was a nice surpirse. My mom joined us as did a lot of his family. Thank you everyone for coming and for my birthday gifts. I really appreciate it all and you made my day very special. It was all very nice.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Good Morning?!?

Here is what I woke up to this morning on both bathroom mirrors:

I also woke up to the following mesage in my email, followed by a sound file of my dear husband singing Happy Birthday to me.
"Gm!!!!! What a wonderful day!!

Why? Because you were born!! Making the
world a wonderful place!!!"

Wasn't that sweet? I thought so. I wasn't planning on doing anything for my birthday as we have school and I work tonight, as well as the fact that I have worked or will work every day around my birthday, including my birthday.

Anyhow, I just wanted to say thank-you honey for the nice little mesaages. I really appreciate it. Anna loved the singing too. :-)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Now, since when have you known me to be wordless!! LOL!!

Can you tell what we did today?!?

Smiling Pretty:
Sitting like a Ballerina:

Ready to Go Home(Love the pants under the tutu!)

Like I said ALMOST Wordless Wednesday!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Book Review, Daily Life, School

Book Review:

Alright, I know you want to hear about another great book from me, but I can't help it. we have checked out some really good books from the library lately that are great for any collection. Today's great book is Dancing with Katya by Dori Chaconas. This book shows the importance for getting your children their immunizations by showing the effects of Polio on a little girl who only had dreams to dance. The polio made her legs crippled and she had to wear braces, causing her to not be able to dance. It makes her sad, but her sister comes to the rescue and to find out how, you will need to read the book. It was so good. Anna really enjoyed it last night and truly understands the reason for the immunizations. They are to keep her from getting VERY sick and ending up in the hospital or losing her life. That is all she really needs to know at her age.

Daily Life:

I have another sinus infection or ear infection, or whatever. I had some medicine to take to clear it up, but it made me feel worse. It made me completely and utterly nauseous. I felt almost fluish. All I have wanted to do for the last two days is lay in bed. I determined it was the medicine last night and so I will head out and get something else that won't make me feel that way and hopefully will let me breathe.
The job situation is also okay, it is not what I want, but who says we always get what we want. God had been telling me those words for a reason and I need to live with it.
My birthday is coming up, but we might as well just skip it. I work every day around it, including my birthday. We might do something next Sunday, but i don't count on it, because the following Sunday, the 4th is when we are celebrating Anna's. It is a few days before her actual birthday, but that is her party. Hers is more important at this point anyhow.
Christmas Tree! Yes, we are already wanting to set up the Christmas Tree and get in the Christmas spirit. This will be our smallest Christmas ever, but one we will be most thankful for. We are on our own and will have a Christmas with just our family before we head out and see all the grandparents and such. It will be the first time ever that we have had just us.


School is going good. Anna IS learning how to read, but she doesn't like to show it off. She has read several paragraphs already in her Language Arts book and she can sight read lots of cards (we made them together). I put them into a sentence order at least four times a day and she can read that too.
She is picking up math and counting better. We were really struggling with that for a while and I think she will be ready to move on in the book finally. We stopped doing her math text book this week, just to concentrate on the counting to ten, because her book is moving on to counting to 20 already and she didn't have to 10 down. I will determine that at the end of this week.
Anna is going to be in a State History Fair. We are working on her display board and learning a ton of facts that she can recite for the fair. What state? What state? Arizona!! She is doing Arizona. I probably should have had her do Texas, but I figured that a bunch of the other littles would be doing Texas, so we picked Arizona. Actually I limited her to California or Arizona and she picked it. It is going well and I will pick up her display board today so we can get that started.

Ooops. This wasn't supposed to be such a long post, but it is. Hope you all have a good week and check in later as I get to take pictures at this weeks ballet and gymnastics classes. Thanks all for reading and God Bless.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Answer Found?

Alright, I think I answered my own question in yesterdays post. As much as I don't like where I am at, God has been telling me that he gave me this job and I need to serve to the best of my ability, soooooo, I am trying my best. This was not a move I have planned, nor was it a move that I like, but I had my answer even before I posted here. In any case, it still was not professional the way I was moved, and it still should have been done different, but it wasn't and thats that. So, I am sure my found answer is what God has been telling me all along, "I gave you that job and you need to serve to the best of your ability." I am sure someone else is hearing that besides me, but that is my message for the day. Thanks for all the prayers. Love and God bless.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Alright, now I am confused. I showed up at work all prepared to place my order yesterday and was told that my book was done and to go to another section of the store that was where I was being moved?!?!?! What in the world are they trying to do to me? I am about two handshakes away from walking out the door and quitting. This is completely insane. I was put where I was due to my education background and the ideas I have for teachers and all of a sudden, with no warning, I am not there. I am devastated. I don't even know where to begin. I liked being able to help teachers and homeschool parents the best that I could. I had no idea this move was coming. It would have been nice to at least have the common courtesy to say "we need to move you over to here due to_____." (Fill in the blank for yourself.) But to just show up to work and not even a manager told me I was moved, someone else told me. I am so heart broken and so upset. I thought it was clear to me a few days ago that God gave me this job and I am to serve to the best of my ability (That is what he has told me several times over the last week and a half), but this is not professional. I do not understand. Usually when they start moving people its because they are trying to get rid of them. Jeremy says to keep working and be happy about it and not give them the satisfaction that they want, and part of me wants to do that, but the other part of me wants out of this crazy harried job. I need a stable environment or at least somewhat stable. I was heading out today to pick up applications, but I just don't know where to go or what to do. Anyhow, if you stayed with me through all this, then thank-you. I need everyone who reads my blog to pray that the right decision will come about and I will do what is right for our family and for God. Thanks so much.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Family Fun Day

Alright, today was family fun day after church. We had a picnic lunch in the park and went bowling for a total of 18 games between the three of us. (We had a free games gift certificate thingy we got for last Christmas and it was set to expire at the end of the month, so we used them all up.) It was fun and tiring at the same time. We needed a day for just some fun, so we did it. It was great. Pictures will be coming on that soon. We had so much fun.

On the schooling front, out of nowhere, Anna is learning how to read. She is putting it together pretty much on her own. Its really weird. She is also finally understanding how to count. She has been able to say the numbers, but she did not have the one-to-one correspondence down. She is getting there on her own, with lots of practice. We have been to the pumpkin patch as well. Anna liked it better than I did. We drove an hour and it wasn't any better to me than the one here in town. Anyhow, at least we can say we have been there, done that.

Two good books of interest:

*Lighthouse by Robert Munsch
*The Rag Coat by Lauren Mills

These books were spectacular. I really enjoyed both of them. They had such GREAT story lines and the pictures were terrific. I highly recommend these to anyone.

That about covers it and we are on to a new week of fun and learning. Hope you all have a great week. Take care.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

That was Quick

Alright, that was really quick. I want to know what kind of neurological exam you can give someone in less than 15 minutes and get accurate results?! Thats right folks, my mom was in there less than 15 minutes. That was pathetic. How on earth can you make an accurate diagnosis in 15 minutes? UGH! I sure hope they understand how bad it really is for her. Please keep praying that God will be working with these people and see that she really does need the disability income. How much more can they put us through. I am so aggravated with these people. I do not think they can have an accurate diagnosis in 15 minutes, but we soon shall see.

On another side note, Anna went to the doctor today too and she has seasonal allergies. Surprise, surprise. (note sarcasm in voice) LOL! I took her in for some other medication so that she wasn't always drowsy from the Benadryl, which was working, but made her VERY drowsy, and she was prescribed a prescription allergy medicine. I sure hope it doesn't make her drowsy too, but it seems to be already.

Anyhow, as I asked, please keep praying. I really want to help my mom more, but we are not able to financially. Thanks so much.

Please Pray

Please pray for our family. My mom goes for another neurological exam for the SSI Disability today. She is getting through with them much quicker than work and we soon need to have her with money coming in as she needs to start paying rent again. She has been through them before and there are differing types of exams, so there is no telling how long we will have to wait for her today. We just need to get this done as the next step of getting her help. I wished these people would hurry up.

Prayer two. I need some medications and quick, but we do not have health insurance for me and I can not afford to pay an arm and a leg to go to the doctor. My allergies are so bad right now that it is affecting my breathing and my joints are all achy and swollen every morning (from my arthritis), as well as at various points throughout the day. I love West Texas, REALLY, but my body don't like it, LOL. In any case, I need some relief that is not there. Prayers will work just fine. Thanks so much.

I need to go get ready for the day. Anna has ballet today and we have church and I think those are the highlights of her day. Past that, I don't think she cares what we do. She is so easy and so understanding. I love her to pieces. Have a good day and thanks for the prayers.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Same Ol' Same Ol'

Same ol', same ol'. There is nothing new going on here at all. We are schooling, cleaning, having field trips, going to the library, etc, etc. Nothing new at all. On the up side, I am thrilled about Mom's Night Out tonight. I LOVE getting out and sitting with other mom's. I may not talk much, but it is fun to just be out and not worry about work or school or home. I really need to find some time to really get to know someone and find a goo friend in the group. I really only talk or see them on Mom's Night Out, or our Friday field trips, but I don't really talk to anyone. Anna loves the Friday filed trips though and she wants some of them to come to her birthday party next month. Anyhow, as you can see, nothing new. Today we will go to the library and hopefully have someone pick up the freecycle items I have here, and finish some more laundry at my mom's. I may even get adventurous and put together her new shelves so we can get the movies out of boxes and then go from there in that spare, at this point still storage room. Have a good day all.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Disgusting Thing 2 Update

Ok, it was not as bad as I thought. The rug is working, although I have it pulled right now, I will be putting it back under the table tomorrow. I just hope it doesn't make the carpet look too used around it when we move out. I am glad it is working for the most par though.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Gross Things & A Funny Thing

Alright, I have discovered two REALLY gross things in our dining room area. I was SO completely disgusted, that I am fixing it ASAP.

Disgusting Thing 1: We had curdled, old, dried on milk on our kitchen table. No, no, no! Not on the top. We have a table that we can make bigger or, it will tuck down inside to go smaller. Anyhow, we have had it smaller and apparently, the milk, juice, or whatever my darling daughter managed to spill for the last month was on the extended part that was tucked underneath. It was SO darn nasty, that I immediately cleaned out the entire section, cleaned everything with a disinfectant spray and our table will be big forever more. I will NOT be cleaning up that mess again!

Disgusting Thing 2: We have an area rug under our kitchen table because we paid an arm and a leg for cleaning the carpet at our last apartment in the dining area. (Who puts carpet in the dining room anyways.) Anyhow, the purpose of it was to protect the regular carpet underneath it and keep us from paying an arm and a leg again. I discovered tonight, while cleaning up yet another spill, that it is doing nothing! The spill is soaking all the way through the rug and is apparently sitting on our carpet and still soaking into it. So, the $20 rug we bought to prevent this, did NOT work. Tomorrow, after Anna is awake, I will be removing the carpet, vacuuming it, and taking it to be cleaned or posting it as is. NASTY! I am scared to remove the carpet due to the things I know have been spilled on it.

And now for the funny thing: I was talking to Anna today. Well, of course I was talking to her. It is just her and I at home all the time. In any case, she said something today that made me bust out laughing, which of course she wasn't happy about. "I don't like tuna sandwiches, because I don't want to get seasick." I love the logic of a 5 year old. It is so darn hilarious! She takes everything literally. She wants nothing to do with fish of almost any kind for the same reason. She must be watching too many cartoons. LOL. She also said that if "I were to get seasick, then I would get a green face and I don't like green." This child is too funny.

Anyhow, that is my gross things and my funny, funny girl. I am glad she keeps me on my toes. Hope you all have a good night. Take care and "see" you all soon.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Nothing New

We really have nothing new to report. We are going about with our daily lives, including school, laundry, dishes, work, church, gymnastics, ballet and just plain old everyday life. We still haven't unpacked all the boxes in my mom's house. I have been so busy with the regular stuff that it is hard to get over there and unpack everything. We have several boxes that need to be gone through before we decide where to put them. We have also been trying to decide what to use and where to get the items for Anna's birthday in a month. I haven't even decided what to get her yet, but we know what kind of cake she wants and I am looking into having it made. It is not something I can just go pick up at Wal-mart this year. Sorry, no hints! LOL! You must wait and see with everyone else.

Here are some things to think about though:

*There are 36 days till Anna's birthday
*There are 84 days till Christmas
*There are 23 days till my birthday
*There are 111 days till Jeremy's birthday
*There are 150 days till the lease is over in this apartment
*We have been married for 7 years, 9 months, and 15 days
*Jeremy has been at his current job for 1 year and 21 days
*I have been at my current job for 11 months and 15 days

Just some thoughts to ponder. No I am not incredibly bored and sat and figured it out. We have this really cool countdown, and count up thingy on our computer. All we have to do is enter the date and time and it will tell us how long since, or how long to the next. Pretty cool huh?! The one that gets me is the 84 days till Christmas. Is it really that close? UGH! I am not even close to ready.

Anyhow, I better go for now. Have a great day and have fun pondering these thoughts.