Monday, April 28, 2008

Fun at the Park

After the kite fiasco, I was too embarrassed to go to the park where we were flying kites, so we loaded the mess into the trunk and headed to a different park to play. As you can see, Anna had a great time. It was very windy, but it was fun.

Swinging on the Swings:

Sliding Down the Pole:

A just being cute (as always) picture:

As you can see we had fun and this did not turn out to be near as disastrous. We did have other people there, but they were a bunch of high schoolish boys who were literally just playing on the equipment and when she ran to play they moved to the benches and watched for about 35 minutes while we played. We stayed longer than that, but they came back to play after that long. It was really nice and I was happy that we did not have to play around them the whole time. I was rather impressed. We did have a great time though. Hope you all have a great week. God bless you all.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Kite Lessons

Well, in case you never knew, there are kite lessons. Here is the results of our attempt at flying kites today:

You see what I mean. Kite lessons are as follows:

1. Never let go of your kite WILL fly away.
2. Never fly a kite when the wind gusts are higher than 15 miles per hour (Thats what the package says anyway).
3. Never try and retrieve your kite from a construction site.
4. Failing to follow all these rules will result in the above large tangled and disastrous mess.

LOL! As you can see, it was a disaster. We have such a mess, and I do not know how I am going to get it all untangled and repaired. As for kite lesson number two, doing so MAY result in your kite being torn clear away from the line and blowing into said construction site on three. Yes, the wind gusts were up to and maybe over 30 miles per hour. OK. Hope you have all had a good laugh. I am going to untangle the big mess now.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


I WANT TO TAKE A BATH!!! No, my cleanliness has not changed. I still shower everyday, but I really want to take a bath. My lovely husband keeps hiding the bathtub stopper. OK, OK! I am sure you know what kind of stopper I am talking about...the cheap little rubber kind that suctions to whatever you stick it to. What?! You have never suctioned it to the shower walls? Well, my husband discovered that the thing suctions to walls, doors, under the faucet, etc, etc, and now I have to play hide and seek with the darn stopper if i want a bath. This morning, it is well hid. I searched in the entire bathroom vicinity for over 15 minutes and finally gave up and resigned myself to a shower, but what I really, really wanted was a bath. A nice, long, relaxing soak in the tub. A BATH! When we get that economic stimulus package, I am buying 5 of those darn bathtub stoppers, so I can take a bath when I want it. LOL! I know, I know. It is a lost cause. He will eventually hide them all, but a girls got to try, don't she. LOL! Hope that gave you a few laughs. I know that I will eventually find that stopper, say tonight or tomorrow? LOL! Have a great weekend all.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Nothing New Again

Sorry, there has been a lapse in my posts. I have absolutely nothing new to report. Everything is the same. I am tired. I am still working a LOT. We are waiting on this supposed "Economic Stimulus" package money. We are supposed to be in the first batch, so should be next Friday. My house is still mostly a wreck. We only have two weeks left of Kindergarten. Uh, yeah, this is all what you already knew. I posted it earlier this week. Anyhow. Heading into the weekend. You all enjoy. Take care and God Bless.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Update on Life

Baby Christian, who I had you all pray for is doing well. He looks good, so it seems as if the surgery was a success. It is amazing the things that God can do. He is such a sweet baby.

On the homeschool front, we have about 3 weeks left of Kindergarten. We will then take about a week or two off and continue again with first grade. Anna loses too much if we take longer breaks than that, so we are going to keep working through. She is excited about finishing off the books, but I am not sure she is ready to start right back up where we left off. We will take it slow through the summer, say every other day, like Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This will give us some down time and keep her current. I think that will be our plan, but give me a few weeks and it may change. LOL!

On the home house is a WRECK! We have stuff everywhere! There is less of it, but it is still everywhere. I plan to get some what organized today by catching up on more laundry, emptying and reloading the dishwasher, cleaning up the couch (common dumping grounds upon arriving in the house) and cleaning the bathroom. I try so hard to stay organized and it always ends up in a wreck within a day or two. I wish I could come up with a system that would keep everybody doing their part. I need to get a basket for everyone's stuff and put it by the door...maybe that would help the couch?!? UGH! I guess if I don't try it, I will never know.

Another update and question: How do you keep up with ever growing kids? It seems that almost everything I bought Anna for this summer, will not even make it to the summer. She is growing so fast. I don't know if I will ever catch up. She has clothes to grow in to, but not many to currently wear. All the sandals I bought for the summer won't even make it another month the way she is growing. LOL! She can wear it one day and the next it is too short or snug. I tell you what, we have been selling a lot of clothes lately. Oh well. What do you all do to keep up?

Alright, I better be going. Everyone have a great day and I will check in again soon. God bless.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Prayers Please

I read a blog called Baby Christian's Journey to Life. Christian is just 5 months old and has just had his second heart surgery. He is a darling little baby and I hate to see him so tiny and frail with all those tubes. No, I do not know these people personally, I have never even commented on their page, but this baby is on my heart. Please, if you are a praying person, pray for baby Christian to make a full recovery from this surgery. I want to see him play with his toys again. He is a cute little baby. Check out his page and then just pray for them, thats all I ask. Thanks and God bless.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Nothing New...

Sorry, no posts. There is nothing new here. I am tired and that is that. I need some relief from constant stress. I try not to let it get to me and for the most part I am successful, but I need a vacation. We are supposed to take one with this economic stimulus check that the government is sending, which we are on the first cut for, but I worry about my husband getting the time off he needs for us to go. If we don't take it, that money will go VERY quickly to other needed things. I want to take our trip and fast.

Nothing new on my mom's disability appeal either. That is also exhausting. I don't make enough to take care of our needs and hers and I am always scrambling around for her rent. I am always about $200 short of what we need. I just don't have it. It would be nice if others would help, but I am also tired of asking for help every month. There is always "no money," "just ran out," "wait till the first, fifth, etc" and plain old "we don't help with that." This is from family and agencies alike. Anyhow, thats all on that. Like I said, tired.

We need a new bed too. Our bed has a constant dip in the middle of it. You fall into the sink hole. I have flipped and turned it to no avail. You just end up in that awful hole. Again, money needed. Not sure if its the bed or the frame, but I hate sinking into the "hole" every night. It almost unbearably, uncomfortable.

On a positive note, or maybe not, my Anna Banana is growing up too fast. She is smart and talkative. She is getting so tall. She is still my little princess and I watching her everyday. (Can't watch her too much, she is starting to notice that...LOL!) I just can't believe how big and beautiful my angel is getting. At least she knows she can't drive. Jeremy asked her yesterday if she wanted to drive home from where we were. (He was kidding of course.) Her reply was, "Daddy! I can't drive a car until I'm 16!" She was so dead serious in this. It was funny.

Anyhow, I better go for the day. Hope you all have a great day. Take care. I am off to do my mom's taxes. Yes, those need to get done too. God bless and keep praying for us. We appreciate it.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Well, cheerleading for Anna is drawing to a close (Two more classes left). She has had a blast, but she never really stayed on top of things and with the group. She was always slightly behind. What can I say...she take after me and isn't all that coordinated. :-)

Here on the other hand is a fun picture she colored of a cheerleader:

Didn't she do a great job? See the nice Texas Tech colors? She has absolutely loved the class, despite the fact that she was not the best. She has also shown a lot of improvement. She will master those cartwheels one day.

Anyhow, I thought I would share the beautiful picture. I think she did a great job.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Space?!?

Ok! OK! I admit is taking me a long time to get up to date in this age of technological stuff, but I have never had a My Space account until......Sunday night. Yes, on Sunday night, Jeremy suckered me, pressured me, talked me into....well, he really didn't have to do any of the above. He asked me if I wanted one, to which I replied yes, and he helped me make one. So, I am now on My Space, at least for a while. I do not have anything fancy on my page, as a matter of a fact, I have next to nothing on my page right now, but....but....but I AM working on it. Ok, I am making Jeremy help me work on it. LOL!! I can't quite get the hang of all the features and buttons on there yet. I do have to admit, I have a nice background. To see my page, all you have to do is click on this link. Please, add me to your friends link and let me know what you think so far (and help me to not look so pathetic as far as friends go...LOL). I will get the hang of it yet and I will figure out all the little quirks of the system. So, I am coming around and into the technological age. Give me some time. (I mean I do finally have an IPod too....granted it was a hand-me-down from Jeremy, but I still have one.)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Let's Go Fly a Kite

One of my favorite pass times as a kid was flying a kite. We never had a fancy one, but the fact that we went and flew a kite was always fun. We never had the GREAT winds of west Texas though, so half of the fun was trying to get it up in the sky. We used to run and run, only to have it nose dive to the ground as soon as we stopped. It was oh so much fun.

As long as we have had Anna, we never had a kite for her. She saw one at Target that struck her fancy, and so I bought it. It is nothing fancy, but the whole act of flying a kite together is fun...why else would they have a whole song in Mary Poppins devoted to doing just that. Anna had a blast. We never even had to run. West Texas wind is just took the kite and all we had to do was let the line out. It was absolutely wonderful. Today was Anna's first kite-flying day. It was the perfect day for it. Here are a few pictures of Anna having a great time.

Trying to keep her arm up:

Concentrating hard:

The whole picture:

The end result (zoomed in of course):

As you can see, we had a great time. She loved flying a kite and loved trying to keep it up. The West Texas Winds make it so easy too. We followed this with 20 minutes in the park. She should sleep REALLY good tonight.

Bank Pictures....Finally

Alright, I know the bank field trip was a few weeks ago, but here are the much promised pictures. They are not much to look at, but when you have a large group, you can only get so many pictures.

At the counter (sort of) getting a dollar coin each. The kids were excited and I was surprised that they just gave them the money. I mean only a dollar each, but come on....that really adds up if you do a lot of field trips.

Watching the glass elevator. We are at the bank and one of the most amusing parts of the field trips was the glass elevator. It kept them busy for a while. LOL!

Check processing. Do you know that in 5 minutes, this machine processed 805 checks. Pretty cool. The other neat thing....checks rarely leave the building. They send everything over with an electronic picture, that this machine takes in no time. This was really neat too.

Ok, there were your much promised pictures. I know that some of the others have better pictures of the bank, such as the kids locked up in the safety deposit box area, but I never got one in there. I hope you enjoyed. This week we just have a park play day. Great for us parents, the kids get to play and we get to yap at each other. No planning or prep involved. :-)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

"The Church of Oprah"

UGH! Here is something that is terrifying and makes my skin crawl. She has so much power and fame that she is getting people to believe as she wants. If you don't believe me, here is a video with the facts. (For others, the link:

Here are some the of things they believe in that I know are dead wrong, for those that don't have time to watch the video:
  • "Heaven is not a location but refers to the inner realm of conciousness"
  • "My mind is part of God's. I am very holy."
  • "My holiness is my salvation"
  • "My salvation comes from me"
  • There is no sin
  • She doesn't like the fact that God is a jealous God
  • "God is a feeling experience, not a believing experience"
These are just a few of the items they touched on. It truly is something that we all need to pray about. I see right through all her evil doings. A few years ago, I may have fallen right into the trap, but not now. I am more grounded in the Word than I have ever been. I pray that I can keep learning and studying God's word, the Bible, so I can see right through more things like this. There is a book about this and how to avoid it called Don't Drink the Kool-Aid by Carrington Steele. I suggest that we get this and see how they are trying to make the Bible into whatever they want. They twisting and distorting God's Word to make people feel happy and good all the time. She also has an enlightening video on her website that explains some of the lies that they are trying to implant into millions of minds.

I know I don't usually post this type of post, but I truly believe that we must get the word out about this movement. It is scary and needs to be shared with millions of people. (Even if i only have 8 readers a day.) We also need to pray. There is only one God and only one way to heaven. I know that one way and so do many of you. Please pray with me and please pass this on so we can reach the world.