Saturday, November 26, 2011

Anna Funny

I'm watching TV with Anna and she sees a commercial for a certain type of dog food. She said we could buy that for Wall-e. I said "no, cause its e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e!" She turned around right back and said "S-a-v-e m-o-n-e-y!" (Yes, we spelled out the words. She was pretty quick with her response!! LOL!!)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

This and That

Wow!! Its November 13th already. I'm not sure where the time has gone. Here is a little bit of randomness for you all to ponder.

Christmas decorations are up. We put up the tree and outside lights yesterday. It looks fun at our house right now. I love Christmas time. Lights are oh so pretty and we really need to leave that tree up all year. I love to look at the memories on our tree. Oh and apparently us hanging Christmas lights outside yesterday made my neighbors want to hang lights this year. Their kids are really all grown, or pretty close. Their youngest is in school at a local college, so they really haven't put anything up, but with us having a "little one" (Sh! Don't tell her I put that) they are probably going to put theirs up too. A little more Christmas spirit to go around.

We have a new manager at the store I work at. He is nice as a person, but absolutely LOUSY as a manager. He has no interest in learning what he needs to know behind the scenes of working or operating the store. All he cares about is customer service and sales number, which are all fine and dandy, BUT, having a store manager not know the inner workings of the company and how to do the daily and weekly paperwork is NOT a good thing. There are two of us there that know more than he does and he is not interested in learning. Sigh! I'm really trying to get along with him, but its trying my patience a whole lot.

Anna's birthday was a huge success. She said it was, "the BEST birthday I ever had!" I am very glad she enjoyed it. Total cost including the gifts we gave her, about $35. I usually spend that on just her cake. I am so glad she enjoyed it. We are thinking of a smaller party next year. We'll see how that goes.

As for Anna, she is doing good too. The PDD diagnosis this year was a shock, but it explains so much. She is behind her peers emotionally and developmentally. She may always be somewhat behind. I have come to understand that she will always understand things different from other kids and not always fully comprehend everything. It only scratches the surface for her. She doesn't see anything beyond what you actually say. If you say its "raining cats and dogs," she will probably always be looking outside for them. Everything in her world is very literal. If I could get everyone to understand that, life would be easier, but it will never be that way. She also copies and says things that she hears others say, even if the timing is not right. She copies me a LOT!! She doesn't always use the words in the correct context though. The word she says a lot right now out of context is "seriously!" LOL! Yes, its cause I say it alot, but her context timing of using it is almost always off. What can I say. She also still does not like loud shrill nosies, but is fine with doing it herself. Again, its the PDD and the sensory part of it. I get it. Most people don't. SIGH!! I guess I'm just rambling now trying to get people to understand my girl. None of this really matters in the long run of things. She will always be my girl and I will always be there to love and care for her. As long or short as I get. She is our gift from God!!

I guess that's all for now. I hope you all have a great week and enjoy next week with your families for Thanksgiving. Take care and I will talk to you all later.