Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Routine and other things

We are slowly getting into the groove of a new routine. With me still working full-time, it has been a change to homeschool and do this. Anna and I are getting used to it though and we get done what we can.

She was super excited about school today as we planted two types of flowers this morning and I had her make predictions for them. We planted daisy and sunflower seeds. She has predicted that the sunflower will sprout through the soil first and that the daisy will grow tallest. She also wrote down step-by-step directions about how we planted the seeds. It was fun. She finished her writing with this sentence; "I think that planting the daisy and the sunflower was very fun. Everybody should plant flowers." I would think that she had a good time with it. We also are going to try taking a daily picture to monitor their growth. That will be fun to watch as well.

As for the other things, she has discovered the truth about all the seasonal myths. She is handling it well, but she was not happy to say the least. She couldn't believe that Santa was not real. She figured the Easter Bunny out last year, but still insisted on the other. This was half instigated by a friend from church telling her that none of it was real. I had a conversation with her Sunday about it all and we gave her several days to think about it. This morning I discussed it with her again. She understands, but isn't happy. I told her that Santa is about the spirit of giving and is a fun character for kids. She is not to tell anyone. I also told her that it will not stop Christmas or Easter. We will still buy her things, but that now she knows who really cared enough to bring her the things she asks for. Like I said, it was hard for her, but she is going to be fine. It did not completely devastate her. OK, well, I have other things as well, but they will have to wait. We are heading out for some lunch and errands before I go to work. Take care all.