Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Well, sorry for the complete lack of posting. I spent all of February and half of March sick. I went to work, to the Doctors and basically did little else. My house was really showing it after 6 weeks. Thankfully, it finally passed after two rounds of steroids. I love those things and hate them all at the same time. They kicked it though, so I was fine with the side effects. Thank goodness that's all done.

As far as busy, we have been running like crazy. I don't get the luxury that a lot of homeschooling moms get in that I can not be a stay at home mom. I must work. We need my income. Forget need, we have to have my income or we would never eat, or have a place to live or clothes to wear. You know, things like that. It is a vital part of our household. Sigh, but anyways, it is very tiring and I get physically, emotionally and mentally drained. Especially when I have issues to deal with at work. With the cost of things going up, it really scares me as well. We manage, but we will be struggling again very soon with all the cost of living increases.

Homeschool group is going fine. We enjoy going and enjoy the people there. Anna absolutely loves her classes. I absolutely love being with the babies. Its almost therapeutic for me to be with babies. Holding a baby is like good medicine. There is nothing better in the world than a baby cuddling with you and falling asleep in your arms. I love every minute of it. I'm hoping that I can be with the babies again for at least one class period.

Things at home have been busy too. When you are down sick for so long, it takes a while to get the house back in order. And with school, church, work and homeschool group thrown in, it takes a little bit longer.

Anyhow, it just has been a while since I had time to sit down and write, but I'm glad to finally be able to do so. I'm also glad that I'm feeling better. As for school, we will be going through July or August. There will be only a one week break in there for horse camp. With the way we have to do school, there is not time for breaks. We will have to work through them all. I better go, speaking of school, because we need to do school today and run some errands. Chances are we will only get through the reading, spelling and math, but that's ok. We will complete our course eventually. I better go. Take care all. And if you are actually still reading this blog, thanks. I know I hardly ever post. Gotta go. Bye