Sunday, July 22, 2012

Literal Life

VERY PERSONAL STORY-AUTISM RELATED-if you can't handle Autism and the life that comes with it, quit reading.

Everything in Anna's life is literal.  She doesn't see two sides of anything unless you show it to her.  From her reading to things people say, she only sees things one way...her way.  Recently I've toyed with the idea of putting her back in school, but I just can't seem to make that decision.  We took Anna for a Doctor appointment with her developmental specialist this past week and she again reminded me that homeschooling is the best choice for Anna.  She said, "That's the best thing you can do for her."  It made me feel a bit better, but I still have toyed with the idea the rest of this week.  I've bought her curriculum for next year, not knowing if I was going to use it or not.  I wanted to be prepared and keep it as cheap as possible.  Well, last night I had an epiphany.  No matter how hard school is, or how hard our life gets, she needs to be homeschooled.  With her literal view of everything, and the older she gets, she will become a target for people to use her.  She will be an easy one for people to say, go do this for me.  Since she doesn't see that some people don't have her best interest at heart, it could lead to trouble, because she will do whatever they ask and then think about it a lot later.  We already see some of this with her "friends" she is hanging out with, but we can more closely monitor that.  She needs some processing time.  Sometimes it takes her weeks to process things.  I will find out things a week or sometimes several weeks later, because it took her that long to fully process what is said.  She has these same issues in school which sometimes challenges our days to the max.  We sometimes have to move on for that day and continue the next day.  She gets very frustrated with us when she doesn't understand things, but we also sometimes forget that she needs this processing time and get frustrated with her.  We are all only human.  We try hard to be compassionate and there are some days that it just doesn't work out.  Things do eventually work themselves out, but not always in our time. 

So, anyhow, back to that homeschooling bit.  I will continue to do it as long as I feel it is necessary for my daughter.  She will feel successful.  She will not be put down.  We will not have people taking advantage of her and using her for their benefit.  She is our daughter and we will do whatever we think we need to, even if it is a big challenge and very hard sometimes.  We will continue to remind her that movies are not reality and we will continue to try to get her to see two sides to things that she needs to see two sides.  We have made great strides already and I have no doubt that we will continue to make great strides, even if we are slow to achieve them.  This is all a prat of our life.  We will do the best that we can with it and with the daughter we have been completely blessed with.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Surgery Done

Well, I am now 4 days post hysterectomy.  I am glad to say that I was home by lunch time on Friday, less than 24 hours after the surgery, unlike my previous surgery, where I had 4 days in the hospital.  Overall, things went rather well.  The robotic surgery was much easier and less painful than the traditional surgery.  I'm very glad that the surgery is over.  Now, I will be even happier when the pain from the surgery is gone too.  This was definitely easier than previous one, but still, recovering from surgery stinks.  LOL!  They discovered a very enlarged uterus when they went in to pull it out.  The thing went from one hip to another, literally.  They also discovered adenomyosis, which was the reason for most of my issues.  I had fibroids in there as well as cysts again.  I will never be plagued with those issues of pain again.  That in itself makes me a happy camper.  Now, if I could just hurry up and wait for this recovery thing to be done.  LOL!  I'm not a patient waiter.  I've watched more TV since my surgery than I care to admit.  I'm all caught up now.  Seen several episodes multiple times. 

I guess that's all.  We have started back to a school routine today, even if it was on the couch and things seem to be going fine.  I'll check back on here later.  Take care all. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What a Couple of Months

Well, we have had quite an interesting couple of months.  We opted to get another dog about 5 weeks ago.  She was a cute little thing and we changed her name to Callie.  (I'd post a picture, but that means I'd have to get them off the camera.) She was a sweet cuddly dog at first, but showed aggression to Wall-E.  It was minor at first, but as the weeks progressed, the aggression seemed to be getting worse and Wall-E was wearing bite marks and scratch marks from her all over his belly.  She then decided that she hated Jeremy one day while he was trying to clean up her poop mess from the den and wouldn't let him near it to clean it up.  She attacked Wall-E, who was just coming in to investigate.  Sigh.  This was the final straw.  We had to give her back.  But that in itself turned out to be a long lengthy matter.  Let's just say for times sake and so I don't have to explain the whole thing, that she is back at the shelter she started from, who said she was always supposed to be an only dog.  Sigh!  The things we find out long after the fact. 


I am heading in for surgery on the 5th.  Yes, in two days.  After much pain and deliberation and heartache and sadness, I am having a hysterectomy done.  Pain is the big deciding factor in this decision.  The cycles were causing too much stress, heartache and pain.  They are/were flaring my RA to crazy ridiculous levels of pain.  Heartache and sadness, well, put anyone in my position who wanted a baby and know that this method is now forever out of reach and it is bound to cause some heartache.  Aches at knowing that this will indeed never happen, as well as aches of know that you will never give a family to your loved one like her wants.  It is what it is.  My husband and I decided this together.  Anna was also included in the decision.  This is what is best for me health wise and my family. 

Unfortunately, I will be off work for a few weeks and will likely go crazy at home.  I will also be missing the big sale at work, although I will need to go buy something that day for our homeschool.  It will be that last book we are missing, so that won't be too bad.  (Under $20) 

I guess that's the shortened version for now.  I have better news from our family day trip on June 22nd, but that will come later.  (Again, the pictures are on the camera. LOL)