Thursday, October 15, 2009


Sorry for the lack of posts on my blog. As I said before, F.a.c.e.b.o.o.k.!!! Its getting in the way. LOL!! As for a quick update, my birthday is coming in in 10 short days!! YEAH, I think. We are busy preparing for Anna's birthday in about 3 ish weeks. Give or take a few days. I will be fun and we are very excited. Oh and Anna has bought her own make up kit a Barbie car and an outfit for Barbies with her saved money. She was super excited!! The make up came with strict instructions that if we ever, and I mean EVER caught her sharing any of it, it will go straight to the trash exceptions. I think she gets it. She has been putting eyeshadow and lipstick on half the day. LOL!! Oh and we found a really inexpensive body glitter at Wal.Mart. It is a spray on and is a lot of fun. I used to love body glitter and if I didn't think it would be weird for someone my age, I think it would be fun to wear!! (LOL...Shhh...don't tell!!) Ok, I will update again when I can. I need to post some more soccer pics from the last few games. She has her mind set on baseball for the spring. UGH!! We went and looked at costs today and for the cost of just one thing, I had bought ALL her soccer stuff. We'll see how she is when the time comes. I'm thinking of putting her in gymnastics for the winter months just for the physical activity. It would be good for her.

Ok, its VERY late and I need to get up and teach my pretty little girl tomorrow. Night all!!