Sunday, November 14, 2010

Anna's 9th Birthday

Exactly one week ago today my little girl turned 9 year old. She was super excited about her birthday and her party. She just really wanted it. I can't say I blame her. It is the one day that is completely devoted to you. Anyhow, here are some pictures from her party.

Anna wanted to "make jewelry" for her birthday party, so we went and bought some beads and the threading stuff to make necklaces and bracelets. Someone should have warned me to cut them extra long so we had room to tie them. LOL! I had a very hard time tying them closed, and some of them never made it home, but for the most part the kids had a great time.

At one point in Anna's party we had someone come in who needed some help with money, so someone started an impromptu game of musical chairs to occupy the kids. (We had her party at the church, so it isn't an unusual request. We got him taken care of, then promptly locked the doors.)

Opening gifts is always fun. She got some neat stuff. She also got a lot of new clothes, which you don't see here. LOL!!

We also had one amazing cake! A co-worker of mine made it for Anna's birthday and I had no idea what to expect. She went way above the call and made this totally awesome cake that had everyone awe struck!

As you can tell we all had a good time and Anna absolutely loved it. I am so glad that so many of the friends and family came out to help her celebrate her big day. It wasn't this birthday I'm worried about, it'll be next years birthday when she turns 10 and hits the double digits. I may have to cry then. I would have to say that this years party was a huge success. Anna had a great time and that's all that counts.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's ALL about the PJs

It's ALL about the PJs at our house. Anna is kind of obsessed with "Footy" pajamas. She absolutely loves them and can't wait to wear them. The only problem is that she outgrew them last year and I gave them away without replacing them. Yes, I know that's a problem, especially when they are her "favorite pajamas." Well, every time we passed them in the store all last winter she kept insisting that she NEEDED some new footy pajamas. "Mom, please. You promised." UGH!! That's what I get. Well, last year came and went and I never bought her a new pair. Then, they came out with the winter stuff again this year. "Mom, I just gotta have them. You got rid of my other ones and I loved them so much. PLEASE get me a new pair." Well, I finally gave in. I still don't see the fascination with them as I used to think they were for babies AND I hated getting all undressed to go to the bathroom, but so be it. My daughter loves them and thinks they are the bestest pajamas, so for her birthday I got her some.

Promptly after opening them she asked if she could wear them that night. Uh, nope. It was 70 degrees outside. Too hot for footy pjs. But last night it dipped down into the 20s. Yep, Daddy and I both agreed that she could wear her footy pjs last night. That was plenty cold enough to wear hot jamys. Here are some pictures of her proudly wearing her new pjs.

AND, she insisted that I take one of her pretending to read a book, cause we were of course taking pictures of her in pajamas and the only other time we did that was Christmas in front of the tree in an attempt to get "cute" Christmas pictures. Anyhow, here is that pose too for you viewing enjoyment. (Oh and YES she picked out "The Night Before Christmas.")

As you can tell, my darling daughter was thrilled to death about her new footy PJs and I am glad we got them. She loves them and I can guarantee that they will get lots of use!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Can I Scream????

UGH!! Can I SCREAM!!! I had the worst pictures ever of Anna taken a few weeks ago and I was assured that they would print fine, BUT they printed horribly! They are all blurry and out of focus and the new one that FINALLY came in is so dark you can't see her!! I am so not happy with this company. I am in the process of asking for a refund, since I obviously will have to go some where else and do them again. What happened to good old fashioned customer service!!! I had to call another stores location to get in contact with a regional manager. I am very upset and sad to know that we will have to do this again. You can only get the initial pictures once. Taking them again somewhere else is almost pointless. UGH!!! So upset and frustrated!!! Her pose and smile were so cute too. Sigh!!.......

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

ARD done...

IEP set in place. Praying that we got everything in there that will be neccesary for Anna to succeed in school. They say she is adjusting quickly and well. She already has several "friends" and is very social with the other kids. Her reading teacher said that her reading is very good. She has tested her and has had Anna read to her. (She always has read well...once she decided to do it. LOL!) It made me feel a little better, but as her Momma, I will still always worry. Glad that's done and that we are seeing some swift action in this. I pray that all is enough for her to succeed.

Guess that's all. I better go find something better to do with me afternoon. Take care all.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

She's In

She's in public school for now. It is a tough thing for me, but Anna is resilient and she came out the first day saying she liked it and she likes all her teachers. They switch classes for everything. She is getting more "hot" lunches, because they are tons cheaper. We have a meeting tomorrow morning to find out what help they will be given. The ARD was a lot faster than I anticipated, but I'm glad. We'll know tomorrow how far they'll go to help her. She is slightly behind in math...but this is not through any fault of her own. She was at a school that hadn't started multiplication or division yet, but this school she's at, they have. (I actually love the way they start them out on division AND I think she actually grasped the concept.) Guess that's the update for now. I'll check in later this week after the meeting tomorrow. Take care.