Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lapbooks/Unit Studies

We are trying to end our study on horses this week so we can start on the Olympics sometime next week or the week after. I am very excited about it. This has saved us from the bore of everyday typical "school." The text book approach was getting really boring and we were both dreading school time. Now with books and mini-studies, we are thoroughly enjoying it again. (And it doesn't take as long each day-BIG YEAH!!) I will post pics of our first completed book when we get it all put together.

I guess that's our big update for now. I know there isn't anyone really reading my blog anymore, but I like it, so I will keep posting when I can. Have a good week all.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Uh....Happy New Year?

Ok, so I am not the world's best blogger. Not too good at Face*book either right now, but there have been other more important things to do. Christmas was great. Pictures are on my Face*book account. Too hard to get them off the disc to post here, so sorry. I didn't get to them fast enough. Will some New Year's pictures do? Yeah, they just might have to. Here are some pictures of Anna playing with her new scooter from Christmas.

Excuse the funny face on the second picture. The "sun was in my eyes." LOL!! She doesn't like the sun directly in her eyes for pictures.

The New Year has brought some changes to our homeschooling as well. We ditched the direct textbook curriculum method of history and science and are doing lapbooks (mini unit studies). So far we haven't finished the first one, but we are liking what we are doing. Horses!! Yes, of course we did horses. That's Anna's favorite thing. She absolutely loves horses!! Now, if I can find someone to show her all the really hard work of taking care of a horse. I think that will at least make it a little more realistic. LOL!! We'll get there. I also have the second one printed and ready on The Great Depression and stuff, but I think it will wait. The winter Olympics are coming up and surely there will be more fun things to do with that for a while. Sports, countries, techniques, etc. What's more fun that learning about something we will surely be watching on TV anyways? I just hope someone puts out some good material for that.

Other than that, things are the same ole, same ole. Lives still revolve around church, work and school. We are having a fun time. Hope you all have a Happy New Year. Yes, I am a lot late with this post, but its okay. Take care.