Friday, May 28, 2010

No More Sundays....

Yes, ALREADY! They stopped doing it after I've only done two because we lost too many people and we need every possible person on the floor right now at all times. SO...there is not any more Sunday night work. UGH!! I was really counting on that for extra hours I need. We really needed the money from it. Oh well. Nothing I can do. It will all work out in the end.

Starting to look for homeschool items for the fall. Glad I bought a bunch early. We already have history, reading and Bible. Still trying to get Math, Science, Cursive handwriting and Spelling. I may use an eclectic mix of workbooks this year from the store that are all going to be 90% off (starting June 7th). Yes, its not ideal, but at this point it is very practical and affordable for us. It won't hurt. We just will work through them like any other curriculum. I think it will work and that we truly can do it. Spelling I will buy what I always works well and she loves it. It is only $20 for the year anyhow.

My mom has had a friend visit from Canada for the past week. She is very quiet and seems almost shy, but she has known me since i was a baby, so I have been trying to make sure to get over to my mom's a few times. I hope they had a good visit.

Alright, I better close for now. Anna just looked over and said this looked very long. I told her it was still short, but its okay. Have a good weekend all. And for those of you who may still read....THANKS!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Working Sundays

I am now working on Sundays placing orders at the store I'm at. It is okay, but I think Anna is taking it hard. Here is the note I found on the kitchen table when I got home:

"Hi Mom. I got in trouble and Daddy wasn't kidding."

I then go to my room to change and there is the following note:

"I miss you Mom. I Love you. Love your girl Anna."

Now, don't get me worng, this is just the first week to work Sunday, but I think it was hard on her. What do you think? I think she will get used to it, but we have had a lot of work changes in the last couple of weeks. I now only get to put her to bed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Thursday, Friday and Sunday I am at work at bedtime. Saturday's it really depends. I feel bad, but I must work to pay bills and put food on the table. I'll have to make sure to give her extra loving tomorrow. This too shall pass.