Sunday, September 23, 2012

One Year

We have now officially been in our house for one year.  So glad to have a house, but sometimes wonder if we did the right thing by buying a house.  It has been a struggle.  Getting the house was not the struggle, but repairing things that break down in and around a house is challenging.  We have repaired a fallen fence (like a month after we moved in), had the electric box outside replaced and now we are having plumbing issues.  It seems as if we might keep Drano in business!   Neither one of us in very handy, but we sure try, but this bathtub we have might cost us a fortune. The drain gets clogged after one week.  One week.  REALLY!!  I can't buy Drano once a week just to keep the drain clear.  That is ridiculous.  But, short of paying an arm and a leg for a plumber, which is next to impossible right now, we will continue to use Drano once a week. (But not till I get paid, so for this week, we just have to deal with water to our ankles.) 

In other news, Anna is working on schooling with me.  After going all summer long, we took one week off and then started right in on 5th grade work.  (4th grade math)  She is loving it and we are making good progress.  We are still behind in math, but she is mostly remembering what we have been studying.  We have our days, like one day this last week she forgot how to tell time to the hour, which we have been working on since Kindergarten.  She has known that for a long time, but it was just one of those things that we had to re-learn.  She does love horse club.  I wished I could pay for her to do it more than twice a month, but it just isn't possible.  Too expensive.  I also need to find her an orthodontist.  That girl is going to need braces.

I'm still working at the same ol' place.  I'm not exactly happy there right now.  There is a lack of authority there and we certainly need a take charge kind of person.  Oh and to top it all off, the person I wanted to be in our dept I was told couldn't and now the girl they put in will be leaving.  I so just want to say that I was right, but it won't serve any purpose.  I am currently waiting on the results of an MRI I had last week as well.  I sure wish I knew why they ran it.  I will be carrying my phone with me tomorrow at work.  I need to hear from them tomorrow.  Until then, I just worry about what it could be.  I try not to worry too much, but there's not a lot one can do.  At least I worked yesterday and that took my mind off it for a while.  I have been having several health issues lately, and I am trying to get some answers.

J's job is questionable, as always.  His bosses seem to make up rules to suit themselves and then write you up.  They have a common goal to make life miserable for everyone but themselves.  I am hoping that J won't have to be there too much longer, but its hard to look for a job when the one you have emotionally exhausts you, which is sometimes worse than physical exhaustion.

I guess that's all.  Still hard to believe that we have lived in our house for one year.  Still have lots that I want to do with the house too.  As J says we have 29 more years to get it done.  LOL!!  It may take me that long to get it the way I want it.  Now, its off to search for Christmas and birthday ideas for Anna.  She doesn't NEED anything else and we are in an in-between stage for toys and such.  I'll be glad to accept ideas from anyone who may have them.  LOL!!  Take care all.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

School Front and then some...

Well, Anna and I will begin school on Monday, if all goes as planned.  We will still be finishing up a bit of last years math, but then will move on.  She is doing mostly 5th grade work.  We will continue to use Building Spelling skills for spelling, Bob Jones Reading 5 will start our year for reading, but I am going to try and change us over to mostly book studies.  We are currently in the planning phases for the first book.  Saxon Math will continue to be our math for now, provided she learns how to copy over the problems correctly and keeps everything lined up.  I'm testing this out, and may switch.  We are still really struggling with math.  She has made great strides though and is progressing, but it is still a daily struggle.  For history and science, I am at a loss.  My time is limited and so are my resources.  We are slowly buying some history books to read, but soon enough we will have to incorporate more.  She will definitely know about the people in history, but as far as geography, well, that is not getting done like I want.  She does read a map, when needed.  We have two large wall maps in our den, but I still think she needs more. Science, well, if you count horse club as science, then she will be getting science twice a month, LOL!!  Those are two big barriers.  We only have so much time with my full time work and homeschool group activities.  I will have to keep searching for something.  It will all work out, just writing it all down. 

As for other stuff, work is okay.  Things are changing and not everything is nice.  I work and that's all fine and dandy, but working with people who lack work ethic and morals is hard.  We have mostly a good crew, but not all.  It is a very demanding job and sometimes it just drains me completely.  The other day was good though.  We have a lady who homeschools and she came in and she is always uplifting to other homeschool moms.  It is always so encouraging to hear her talk to other moms about homeschooling and it shows that she has a true passion for it.  The other day I told her that and she just was over-joyed and happy that I work there and that I know what product we have and where to find it.  She made my day and she told me I made hers and that it was such a blessing to have me there.  I wished there were more days like that.  I really needed that this week.  She was such an encouragement to me.  I certainly need to hear encouraging words everyday.  It helps me cope with the stresses of life.  It helps me to also realize that other homeschooling moms have struggles too, even if it isn't the same as mine. 

Health wise, I am doing better in some respects.  The hysterectomy was a life saver.  I am glad that I had it done.  My RA has its ups and downs.  I have new things with it that have been bothering me lately, but I am trying to deal with it the best I can.  I am hoping to see a new RA doctor in Odessa as I am not crazy about the one that I have been seeing.  He is not good at all.  (We have nick named him Dr. Quack as he did not treat me right until I had insurance.  He actually refused.  Sad, huh?!)  Anyhow, as much as I hate to drive to another city almost two hours away, I need someone who takes a personal interest in me as a person.  I have a life to lead and would like to lead it in the best way possible.

I guess that's all for now.  I have three girls running the house and it is almost shower time.  (Anna is having a sleep over.)  I will update again in a few weeks, after we start school and things return to an almost normal again.