Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Back to work

I started back to work yesterday. It wasn't a bad first day back. I kind of enjoyed it, but cleaning up after being gone for almost 5 weeks was a lot of work. I managed to get everything back in order the way I like it, start a new "to do" list, and start ordering again. I was kind of glad to be back and kind of not. I enjoyed being home with Anna. I got her back started on schooling and we had a routine down. (We are of course starting a new routine with me back at work.) It was good though. We have completely messed with the dogs sense of anything routine. He doesn't understand the change in schedules and he is a little angry with us, but nothing that a new set of blinds wouldn't fix. LOL!! He climbed on the couch and ate the blinds wherever he could reach. How fun was that. It almost makes me wish we had a camera to record his little outbursts. I bet they are hilarious! (Not replacing the blinds, but you know.) Alright, getting ready for work now, so I better be going. I'll try and check in soon. Take care.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Newsboys Here We Come!!

Anna is very much into Newsboys. She loves listening to them and watching videos on You Tube. She knows the names of who used to be in the group and who is in the group now. She likes them very much. Anyhow, I made a promise to her last year that if they ever came to Lubbock, I would definitely buy tickets and take her to see them. Well, they are coming in May. May 3rd, our family will be sitting on the front row by the stage and watching Anna's favorite group. To say she is excited is an understatement. She is thrilled. It should be an adventure. I am not really thrilled about the two other bands coming with them, but I am keeping my promise and for the most part I like the Newsboys, so we will go and enjoy it. So as the title says...Newsboys Here We Come!!