Friday, May 6, 2011


On Tuesday we had the opportunity to go see the Newsboys in concert. We really didn't want to see all the other groups, but it was a package deal. Anna was super excited about going to see them. I decided to make this the best first concert she'd ever been to. She got a shirt and a poster. Here are a few pictures of that evening. (We took over 100.) LOL!!

Anna showing her shirt and poster:

Michael Tait Singing:
The best picture of Michael Tait:

Drummer Duncan Phillips:

The whole crew at the end:
We stayed around for about an hour after the concert was done and had her poster autographed and bought a couple CD's which we also had autographed. It was great! I am so glad she had a great time and that she enjoyed herself. She sat mesmerized through the entire concert. She just watched. All I heard about all night and all Wednesday was the concert though. The opening act was Carlos Whitakker. He really is a great singer as well. They also had Disciple, which is way to rockish for me and I left for a break during their show and Kutless. Kutless is pretty good too. We had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the show. Newsboys drummer Duncan made the best faces as he played the drums. He really cracked me up. Like I said we REALLY enjoyed the concert!

The other thing that we did during the concert was gain a Compassion sponsor child. We now have a second little girl who is 9 years old all the way across the world in Africa. Yes she is the same age as Anna. It was God I tell you! We were handed a little boy in the audience, but I really wanted a girl. So I took the packet to the booth and said can we please get a little girl? They looked at me and said I'm sorry, but there were only 200 kids for this concert and they are all gone. I said okay and thought about just giving that one back and waiting. I wanted a girl so that Anna could relate. I turned around not 5 seconds later and the guy had a little girl in his hand. I looked at him and said can I swap you. The little girl we got is the same age as Anna (4 months older) and is from Africa. Anna said she was beautiful. Anyhow, we have her info packet on our family ready and Anna has already written her a letter and drew a picture for her. That will all go out tomorrow in the mail. It was God working there. We are very excited about this. I have explained to Anna over and over again how this provides a good schooling for her and medical care and food and water. I am very happy about this.

Anyhow, I guess this is long enough. I hope everyone has a great weekend! More posts to come later, I hope. Take care.

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